Case Study: Substation Estimator Urgently Needed

Our Client

This major consultancy has substantial expertise in in power generation, power delivery and storage solutions and has been providing engineering, procurement, and construction services across North America for over 15 years.

The Challenge

A new relationship for us at the time, we were referred to the client by an industry connection. They had a high performing estimating team but were seriously stretched as the demand for their services was through the roof and 1 experienced team member had left. After a couple of previous searches for an Experienced Substation Estimator, 1 directly themselves and 1 through another agency, a hire was now urgent yet there was internal hesitation in using an agency after previous agencies had overpromised and failed to deliver.   

Estimators are a common request for us within the industry – it is a niche role that requires specific industry experience, where employer demand MASSIVELY outweighs the number of qualified candidates and where it can be hard for employers to source through organic applications. As such, we have a specialist Transmission & Distribution team dedicated exclusively to continuously headhunting the best industry expertise and connecting them with leading industry employers who we can draw upon when running searches like this.

What Happened

Given the initial hesitation to use an agency, we offered to take this role on a contingent basis provided specific resume feedback deadlines were met and we were given 1st stage interview availability to aim for, holding both us and the client accountable in moving the role forward.

Starting with an in-depth assessment of the client’s needs, as well as previously found pitfalls experienced, we started reaching out to our networks and talking proactively to qualified, passive candidates, working at the specific companies that we knew our client wanted to see candidates from.

Within the space of 3 weeks, 5 qualified, headhunted candidates had been shortlisted and supplied to the client with updated resumes and interview availability that matched that of the client. 4 of the 5 were taken through to 1st stage interview, 3 to 2nd stage interview and the successful candidate was offered to, and accepted, with 1 month on initially being introduced to the client and remain there to date.        

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